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Merry Xmas from the Dev Team

2015: a great year

2015 has been an intense year for the Dev Team at Kano. We have seen the team growing, the OS evolving to a mature state (with 7 stunning releases!), the first online campaigns, great new features and projects…

In the last year we have passed nice milestones as a community as well: +40K accounts, +20K share and +9M lines of code, all by a new young generation of makers.

The family grows

Kano Team

This year 3 great developers have joined the team:

Alex B: “In one year at Kano, I got to work with more different technologies than in 5 years at a big company.”

Costas: “2015, I joined Kano, became part of an awesome team, worked on cool stuff, learned new things and grew a proper beard”

Radu: Radu joined the team a second time. In 2014 he worked with the team as an intern. This time however, Radu has joined as a full team developer after completing his degree in Manchester University.

Kano OS: from toddler to teenager

Back in late January RPi Foundation annnounced their new flagship board: RaspberryPi 2. With more RAM, better processor and a few more goodies the dev tem focused their efforts on porting Kano OS to the new platform. By mid February we released a new first version of Kano OS for both RPi1 and 2, Kano OS v1.3.3. We kept iterating and improving the system and in Techcrunch Disrupt NYC we not only announced the new Kano Kit containing Kano OS v2.0.0 and the RPi2 board but also a $15M Series A!

Wheezy v Jessie

But, we didn’t stop here. Kano OS is based on Linux, specifically Debian and we made an effort to migrate from Wheezy to Jessie, its latest version. Kano OS 2.2.0 is not only an update to Jessie, is our best version ever. A month after we made it public, the RaspberryPi Foundation released the mighty RPi Zero, and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to release a very special flavour for the $5 board.

Make Light

This year we have also seen the birth of 2 amazing new products: Screen kit and the Powerup kit. For the second kit, the Software Team released Make Light, a very intuitive IDE to program a LED board and a LED ring.

Online campaigns

Pixel Hack

In August 2015 we released Summer Camp, our first ever online campaign, 3 weeks of daily challenge in Make Art. Since then we have release 2 more campaigns, Mischief Week in Halloween and Pixel Hack, for CSEd Week. These campaigns have generated more than 15,000 shares, 4,000 comments and 9,000 likes by more than 10,000 different users. Keep hacking!

What’s next?

The new year 2016 is going to be an even more exciting one, moving from a Kano “kit” to a Kano “system”. More hardware, more web and obviously more software to come!

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Happy New Year!

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Head of Software at Kano