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Opening Kano Toolset

A collection of useful UI tools for KanoOS

At Kano we are striving to deliver and share the best user and developers experience. As the hardware advances at a fast pace, so do the apps and tools that make the user interface pieces fit together on your screen.

We are pleased to announce updates on Kano Toolset repository for Debian Jessie on Kano OS 2.2.0. It is an important backbone on which almost all Kano Apps lean against, and on which we continuously work every day to provide new features and fix problems.

It is a lot of work on many fronts starting with the development team up to the integration tests stage, on which Megan is doing an amazing job.

Kano Toolset Screenshot
Kano Toolset Examples Screenshot showcasing Kano Window, WebApp and Splash in action

Some of the various uses that Kano Toolset addresses on KanoOS can be seen on the screenshot above, for those who would like to dig into the underlying code. We have collected documentation on a wiki we think will be very useful to get you started.

Alex Burr has worked on a tool from AndrewFromMelbourne which is now integrated into KanoOS. It improves usability when starting apps by displaying a popup splash image.

Costas Voloudakis has been working on improving appplication profiling, so that we have a better understanding of what apps you use most often (and least!)

Apps like Minecraft and Pong rely on a simple yet powerful web framework called WebApp which allows us to drive Kano Blocks for you. Have a read through it here.

If you are enjoying the RaspberryPI Camera, make sure to check out kano-camera. There are also many more small system utilities.

Foremost we encourage everyone to submit improvements, additions, and fixes to common problems. Follow the instructions on the collaboration wiki or email us at any time.

If you have a preferred tool you would like to see on the next release of Kano OS, join in!

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Systems developer and Integrator at Kano