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Two more repositories now open.

We have more news about our quest for opening all our Github repositories: today we open, not one, but two more repos!


kano-init-flow is a walkthrough of the process of setting up Kano OS during the first boot. The configuration includes:

  • Kano keyboard tutorial, learn the basic functionalities of our now famous orange mighty keyboard!
  • Configuring basic hardware features, like the display (resolution, overscan) and audio (select the outpu: HDMI or speaker)
  • Configuring some software preferences, like the wallpaper in your desktop
  • Create or log in to your Kano Profile account

The tool has been implemented using Python GTK 3.12 toolkit.

For more details and contributing visit the repo’s wiki.


kano-profile plays a very important part in the Kano World ecosystem. It is responsible for keeping track of the users progress locally and, if the user is registered in Kano World, it ensures it is synced with the latter.

kano-profile is a collection of tools and packages each dealing with a dedicated feature. A good way to understand how the various functions work is to study the tools that are located in the bin folder. Some of the most important files and directories are:

  • kano-login: manages the creation and login of Kano World accounts
  • kano_profile: logic for handling the local profile
  • kano_avatar_gui: UI elements of the Character Creator program

For more information or if you want to contribute to this repo please visit our wiki.

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Head of Software at Kano