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kano-desktop on GitHub

The kano-desktop package is now open for contributors on GitHub

The Kano Dev team is pleased to announce the opening of a new repo under GLPv2 license.

kano-desktop is a collection of packages that provides an integrated desktop experience. It is based on Raspbian’s LXDE and uses lxsession, PCManFM, libfm, lxpanel, Openbox… Most of the actual code resides in its dependencies; what is provided directly are configuration files, integration scripts and assets, like wallpapers. kano-desktop uses kdesk instead of LXLauncher as desktop manager, which is integrated with other kano packages via:

  • kano-uixinit, a script started at login
  •, a script to dyncamically configure the desktop icons and hook into screensaver events.

For more information or if you want to contribute to this repo please visit our wiki

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Head of Software at Kano