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Kano OS Beta 2.0.1 Released

What's new in the latest release of Kano OS

Not even three full weeks have gone since the release of 2.0.0 and there’s another one ready go out. This time, we focused on improving the stability and refining the user experience rather than adding new features. The biggest thing about this release: it’s probably the smallest we’ve ever made. See what’s new below.

Graphic WiFi tool updates

The last release brought an entirely new WiFi configuration tool to the OS. For this one, we brushed some of its rougher edges, fixing a few bugs and polishing the UI. The network you’re connected to will now be marked by a green tick next to it’s name and you can disconnect from it by highlighting it and clicking on the DISCONNECT button.

Disconnec from the WiFi
Kano WiFi: No more internet for me, please!

 Keyboard layout verification

If you don’t have/use the orange keyboard that comes with the kit, the OS prompts you to select your keyboard layout. But if you chose one that doesn’t include latin characters, you will have trouble completing the rest of the on-boarding. We’ve added a simple check to remind you of that. Remember, you can always change the layout from the Settings app later on.

Kano OS keyboard test
On-boarding: Type 'judoka' to continue.

Updater checks for free space

A few minor improvements went to the updater. We changed the flow before the updater actually starts. The notifications are now more prominent with a clear call-to-action.

New updater notifications
Kano Updater: Get new powers!

If you don’t have enough space available on your card, the updater will detect that and prompt you before starting the update with an offer to make some.

Disk is full dialog
Kano Updater: Things are getting a little tight in here.

In case the update process will be interrupted for some reason, we will ask you to try again on the next boot. And finally when it finishes, you will be greeted with this fine badge on the next reboot and a reward of 20XP.

Update finished dialog on Kano OS
Kano Updater: Finished successfully.


For Kano OS Beta v2.0.1, we focused on sweeping corners, refining and improving the current experience on the OS. While there aren’t any major features in this release, it’s just as important as any of the major ones. So sit back, relax and enjoy the quiet that usually comes before the storm.

Find the full list of changes on Kano World.

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