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A fast, fun, friendly OS – now for Raspberry Pi 2

We’re enchanted by the possibilities of the Raspberry Pi 2 and what this next generation model will bring to the world of open computing and to Kano – faster game making, in-browser web wonders, and performance and reliability wins, to name a few. Since its launch, we’ve been hard at work testing and today we’re opening up our Raspberry Pi 2 development to the community.

Staying true to Kano’s mission to make technology simple and fun for anyone, we aim to bring polish and simplicity to this new platform. If you are a developer, parent, educator, or all of the above, we’re calling on you to get the OS free for the Pi here, and join our development here. We will respond quickly to anyone that wants to contribute, and will help guide you along the way.

Curious developers, novices and pros, of all ages and skill level are invited to dive into our code, copy it, change it, go bananas, and (we hope) contribute. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • A Toolset that is a collection of utilities for the Raspberry Pi and Kano OS.
  • Feedback Widget is a way for any Raspberry Pi based system to solicit feedback and ideas from users.
  • Video app is a gorgeous frontend for YouTube and perfect for any Raspberry Pi based video consoles.
  • Simple Screenshot tool lets you take beautiful snaps of what’s onscreen and share them right away to any platform.
  • Screensharing VNC implementation streams your Raspberry Pi’s video signal to tablet, smartphone, laptop, or any device on the same WiFi network.

We have a few other updates that we’re excited to share with you about the updated Kano OS for the latest Pi:

  • Make and share new kinds of imaginative artwork with code: Check out ferns and Iron Man and more. In Draw, features now include gradients and opacity changes.
  • New Chapters to Terminal Quest: If you like a good story, dive into a narrative adventure on the Linux terminal with our game, Terminal Quest, which now has two new chapters. Find out what’s deleting the townspeople of Folderton, and use computer spells to save the world!
  • Kano Updater: We’ve overhauled our Kano updater, which keeps your kit fresh with new projects week after week. Now, it shows you step-by-step progress, and speeds up the updating process.
  • Our Linux Kernel has changed: Kano OS image includes ARM6 and ARM7 architecture kernels, which means that the bootloader can dynamically boot in B, B+ and Raspberry Pi 2 boards using the same image.
  • More RAM, more powers: Multitabs on the browser and executing multiple apps on the OS is not a limitation anymore.

Our contributors are already making magic happen with code. Alex Averill, who hails from Texas and is a junior developer who wanted to learn Python, decided to contribute to our repo on Github, Make Snake. He created the complete “custom themes” feature that is now helping tens of thousands of kids worldwide get their first taste of command line making.

Hanno, a father of two from Germany, wanted our OS to be localised in German so his kids could use it. He started to work on this, and is now helping us to localise the whole distribution.

There’s still a lot of progress to be made but the team’s white-font-black-screens are filling up with some of their most creative code yet. And here’s a sweetener, you can get our latest features before they hit the public by joining the Kano Dev corps.

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