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New members of the team

Introducing Alex, Costas and Megan

The year 2015 is looking amazing for Team Kano. Lots of challenges: from new content to a new products. In order to implement all these ambitious projects, we have hired two experienced developers and a QA specialist. The three of them are now fully integrated in the Software team and ready to make a difference.

Alex Burr joined the dev team as a Principal Software Engineer. Having spent many years in Cambridge working for a chip manufacturer, he has wide experience in low level programming and working with embedded systems.

Our second hire of the year has been a mighty Greek, Costas. His passion for technology is clear from second one. After spending the last couple of years in Cambridge as well, working in low level (a.k.a rocket science) stuff, Costas is now ready to explore his creativity with the Kano crew.

Last, but not least, is Megan (also known as Mog). Technically, she is not a new hire, since she has been working with us for the past year as a Support Agent, but she is now joining the software team as a QA specialist. A mountain climbing, photo-snapping gamer girl from The North, capable of finding every single bug in the system.

I am proud of the team that we’ve been able to put together and I’m sure that we will accomplish great things in 2015. Alex, Costas and Megan, welcome to the Software team!

Written by
Head of Software at Kano