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About Kano Developers

Has the Kano Kit become too easy for you? Would you like something a bit more difficult? Are you up for a challenge? Well, you might have just arrived at the right place.

This page is maintained by the Software Engineering team at Kano. We’re the people who take ideas for the OS and make them come alive, by turning them into code that powers thousands of computers around the world. It’s been over a year from when the development of the OS started and we’ve had great fun working on it. Now, we invite you to make the OS with us. To make it better and to make it yours.

The Kano OS is built upon many, probably thousands of projects and millions of lines of code that people around the world made freely available. It wouldn’t be possible without them. Just as they did, Kano made its OS free, not only free of charge, but also free to hack and change and improve.

If you’ll keep on reading, you will find many guides, projects and tutorials on how to make the OS with us. These are the things we work on in the office every day, the things that we love, and sometimes hate. Feel free to dive in, explore and become a Kano Developer.

Meet the Team

Would you like to know who’s behind the posts on this site? Well, meet our software team in no particular order:

Caroline Clark


Native Londoner and Cambridge graduate. Caroline spent a year at New Zeland before she joined the software team at Kano as an intern. She started with little programming experience, but lots of dedication and a passion to learn Now a full-time hacker and an indispensable part of our team, she remembers how it feels to learn everything from scratch.

Tom Bettany


The Duke of Cake and Earl of Biscuits. A native Norwichian, Tom studied maths at Cambridge. That not being enough for him, he moved to London and joined Kano as a software engineer. No matter what you’re up to, he’s always happy to help. Chances are he is the nicest person on the team. Also, nobody knows how he does it, but he knows awful lot about networks.

Albert Casals


The Spanish branch of our software department based in Malaga. Albert is a seasoned Linux developer who seems to know everything. Apart from his extraordinary skills, he has endless reservoirs of patience and optimism. That’s why it is suspected that he does all of his programming from the beach while enjoying a drink from a coconut.

Alejandro Simón


Probably the only responsible person on the team. Alejandro has loads of experience playing and making computer games, and he enjoys both. Originally from Madrid, he worked for several game studios before he became the very first employee of Kano. Here, he’s in charge of many things as the Head of Software. Seriously though, don’t ever play FIFA with him, unless you are happy to be embarrassed.

Radek Pazdera


Our resident Linux and open source expert, although it is suggested that this passion is just a by-product of his love of penguins. He can often be found preusing the confines of Ikea or contemplating the screen size of his next mobile phone. An ever-present ear for troubles and advice. Always keen for breakfast even if he doesn’t quite know how to set his alarm right!

Alex Burr


Alex is a well-versed software engineer with over a decade of experience in the industry. He spent many years in Cambridge, working on embedded systems for digital signal processing. Alex took a year off to study, before he joined our team as a Principal Software Engineer. At Kano, he focuses on performance, leading the optimisations efforts on the OS. He also is a valuable addition into our collection of Alexanders, making it the most frequent name in the company.

Costas Voloudakis


Coming all the way from Greece, Costas first moved to London to study at the Imperial College a few years ago. After graduating as an electrical engineer, he spent a year in Cambridge, working for a chip manufacturer and gaining experience. Being the most comfortable with C and C++, Costas enjoys finding ways to make programs run faster. Now back in London, he’s helping us make the Kano OS as fast as possible. Perhaps it’s not surprising that he likes all – his salad, yoghurt and philosophy – Greek.

Megan ‘mog’ O’Gorman


Megan first joined Kano as a support agent, working remotely from Sheffield, assisting our first customers with their problems. Having since moved to a cabin in the beautiful Lake District, she changed teams within the company and joined us as a QA specialist, determined to eradicate all the insects out of the OS. In her spare time, Megan is a keen photographer; you get a point if you ever spot her without her giant DSLR camera.


The infrastructure of our blog is based on the amazing Incorporated theme for Jekyll, which was made and open-sourced by Inc. Thank you very much guys for the great work!

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Albert, Alejandro, Alex, Caroline, Costas, Megan, Radek and Tom